Pre-Tied Cages

Save Time and Money

Contractors save time and money by lowering onsite work hours, eliminating waste, and speeding up schedules with preassembled rebar and pre-tied rebar cages. Whether you require one cage or dozens, we can produce dependable, high-quality, and precise cages.

Our pre-tied cages are delivered on time and ready to be installed. Our goal is to turn around rebar cages within 24 to 48 hours. With pre-arranged orders, Delta Rebar can get cages within 24 hours once you confirm pier depths and rebar cage length. 
Stack of Pre-Tied Rebar CagesStack of Pre-Tied Rebar Cages
Pre-Tied Rebar Cages


Contractors save time and money by decreasing labor hours, eliminating waste, and speeding up schedules with pre-assembled rebar cages.


Residential foundations, agriculture buildings, commercial buildings, massive highway structures, and anything in between can all benefit from pier cages.


We can speed up the deployment of reinforcing steel by shipping pre-assembled rebar columns directly to the job site, ready to be installed.


Our pre-assembled footing parts arrive at the job site ready to be installed. The rest of the project will move faster if the foundation is completed quickly.


Rebar is a crucial component of your structure's strength. Wall reinforcing steel can be installed in a single or double curtain configuration.


Pre-assembled beams can speed up the process when used in parking garages, highway overpasses, or other concrete structures.